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Anxious Driver Keyring


Okay, you’ve got this. Driving is fine. Fun even. Just put your seatbelt on, check your mirrors and try not to think about hurtling down the road in your metal machine of DOOM. You're doing great. Yes, a granny did overtake you and swear violently but you’re not going to respond to haters. You’re an anxious but extremely responsible driver and you DESERVE SOME RESPECT GOD DAMN IT. 

Made from hard enamel and coated in chip-resistant plating, this keyring is the ideal gift for someone who’s just passed their test. Or an overly anxious pal that still won't get on the bloody motorway.

Gifting? Use code "MULTIKEYRINGS" on 2 or more for 15% off!


  • The perfect size to find in your bag!
  • Made from soft enamel
  • Coated with chip-resistant nickel plating
  • 67mm x 48mm

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