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TIGC Mini A6 Print Pack


We all need a little dose of positivity sometimes. Especially you, you clever, curious, hopeful superstar. Stuck in your uni room, taunted by deadlines and empty tea mugs. We see you. We feel you. And it’s time to fill those four walls with colour.

Perfect for brightening up your uni room, these gorgeous pastel mini prints include something for every mood – scared, fierce, exhausted, ecstatic. Whatever you’re feeling, these pretty prints are an instant mood booster. Stick up with some colourful washi tape and create a gallery wall of positivity, or put in some mini frames and make your bookshelves a little more arty. They also make dreamy journal decorations – simply stick to the front of your favourite notebook and carry those good vibes everywhere.

This postcard pack is part of our Sighh x TIGC range. After working together on some GIFs for Instagram, Sighh and The Insecure Girls' Club have teamed up once again to create a gorgeous collection of stationery and lifestyle pieces, thoughtfully designed to add a little spring to your step and a 'you got this' to your everyday. We’re so proud of the collection, and we hope you love it as much as we do. 



  • 8 x inspirational postcards 
  • Robust, board-backed packaging
  • Dreamy pastel shades
  • Perfect for curating your own gallery wall

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