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Power Hour Mini Desk Pad


When you’re busy killing it in life, those little, boring tasks tend to pile up. You write and rewrite them on your to-do list with the best intentions, but they stay there, haunting you like a bad haircut. Well, NO MORE. Get them all out of the way in one go with the Power Hour – a pocket-sized desk pad for all your tedious, five-minute jobs. Whether it’s replying to emails, catching up on admin or blitzing through all your house chores at once, this cute, colourful pad is designed to help you smash through those irritating tasks and free up your day to focus on more important projects. 

Clear your Power Hour during your morning tea break, or save it for the evening and finish your day on a high. With three cute, pastel colours to choose from, staying on top of your life admin has never been easier. 


  • A7
  • 100 sheets
  • Choose from pink, green or purple
  • Perfect for work or chores

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