Creative Director & DESIGNER

Founding Sighh back in 2013, as a creative outlet alongside college, Polly now continues to think up and design all the gorgeous products we stock. She can usually be found hunched at a computer, deliberating between shades of pink, or taking photos of her food on Instagram [@pollyvdsz]. As of 2021, Polly is now the worst packer in the studio and is only called upon in times of great crisis.

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May I present to you the backbone of this business. The manager of projects, the do-er of admin. Amelia has been with us since her final year of university! Embodying our exact target audience (impeccable taste), Amelia often helps Polly when narrowing down new designs, too!

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Studio Assistant

Jess is our newest full-time studio member and an utter ray of sunshine. She's a speed demon in the packing studio, now training our casual staff too. As our resident social sec, Jess is in charge of the studio vibes and keeping our spirits up!

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