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Mini Courage Mini Mountra

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A mini version of our full-sized Courage Mountra – perfect for smaller spaces. Whether it’s moving to a new city, chasing your dream job or saying goodbye to someone who isn’t quite right for you, this adorable mini Mountra is your reminder to make that change and stick at it. To do the thing that scares you. You won’t be sorry. After all, nobody wants to be that grumpy old lady, surrounded by knitting and regrets.

Where to put me: 

Perfect for your bedroom, hallway, living room – anywhere you might need a few words of courage. You can even Blu-tack it to your mirror, ready for those days when you really need to give yourself a pep talk.

21 x 23cm [Recommended layout] It also looks fabulous on the edge of decorative shelves!

How it works: 

All our Mountras come with renter-friendly semi-permanent sticky tabs by default, which can be removed safely from walls by following the guidelines (don’t worry, we’ll send you those too). We also have the option for you to add magnetic tape to your order, so you can adorn your fridge with some kind words of wisdom – a nice reminder for your snack breaks. Or, if you prefer, you can stick your Mountras up with Blu-tack – they’re super lightweight! 

Choose from: 

  • Black gloss – Minimalist style that makes a statement. 
  • Gold mirror – Gorgeous, golden, shiny goodness. 
  • Birch plywood – A blank canvas. Paint to match your decor or leave natural for the ultimate rustic look. 

Caution: Do not put birch plywood in humid rooms, directly above kettles or gas stoves. 

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