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Snacks First Keyring


Snacks first, everything else second. This enamel keyring is your handy reminder to raid the fridge on your way out the door. For the people who don't leave the house without serious rations, whether that’s a whole tube of Pringles or an emergency cheese board. For the ones who are always first in line at the buffet, their coat pockets filled with free muffins. 

Made from hard enamel and coated in chip-resistant plating, this pro-snack keyring is designed to be dropped and lost and found bouncing around at the bottom of your bag. Along with all those cookie crumbs you keep meaning to shake out. 


  • The perfect size to find in your bag!
  • Made from hard enamel
  • Coated with chip-resistant nickel plating
  • 46mm

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