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My Proper Grown Up Keyring


A beautiful nugget of HONOUR. Who'd have thought you'd be here, living it up, doing the adult things? Fix this gem to your keys and let everyone know that you’re a proper grown-up now. Front door and all. Okay, so you still haven’t cracked the whole waking up before 9am thing, but apart from that, you’re basically nailing this adult nonsense. Maybe you even own an iron and buy your own loo roll. It’s scary, but it’s okay. We’re all in this together. 

This gorgeous keyring comes in both gold and silver, and makes the sweetest gift to yourself or a loved one who’s moved to university, bought a new car, moved into their first home... all the big things that need to be celebrated.

Gifting? Use code "MULTIKEYRINGS" on 2 or more for 15% off!


  • The perfect size to find in your bag!
  • Made from hard enamel
  • Coated with gorgeous gold or silver nickel plating
  • Chip resistant
  • 42mm

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