Hello! I’m Polly, the illustrator behind Sighh. When I’m not hot-desking at coffee shops, I operate out of a sometimes-tidy studio in Manchester, designing feel-good products that are equal parts pretty and practical. 

Sighh is your one-stop-shop for cute gifts that’ll brighten someone’s day – but it’s also much more than that. These are products with purpose – whether that’s stationery to help you plan your time, tote bags with pockets, or a card to make somebody you love grin from ear to ear. Plus, they look DAMN good. It’s a win-win. 

The story behind Sighh stretches back to when I was 16, drawing and selling artwork through Instagram. Eventually, after some wonderful feedback on my college Graphics work, I decided to apply one of the little designs to 10 phone cases. After they sold out in the first month, I tried again with 20 cases. Little by little, the Sighh brand started to grow. Years of experimentation, product testing and customer research have made Sighh what it is today: a brand that’s packed with personality, function AND form. Lots of form.

Sighh was born on Instagram, so it seems only right that my followers play a big part in the design process. On my Insta stories, you’ll often find me reaching out to customers for feedback on new ideas, opinions for ongoing designs and polls to find out what styles you like best. You’ll also see the entire design process from start to finish – so you can get a behind-the-scenes look at all the hard work and tea-drinking that goes into making a Sighh product. There’s new stuff launching almost every month, so head over there to see what’s coming up. 

One of the next steps for Sighh is… deep breath… wholesale! Soon (hopefully) you’ll be able to find Sighh in your favourite indie shops up and down the country. Keep your eyes peeled and try and spot Sighh products out in the wild!

As the brand grows, my hope is that Sighh will become a space for young, emerging talent to gain work experience, share ideas and learn the ins-and-outs of running a business. I can’t wait to get some bright, brilliant people on board. 

That’s all from me. I hope you like what's on offer and stick around to see how the journey continues. 


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