The Valencia Collection

The Valencia Collection is a series of colour compositions inspired by the vibrant architecture and streets of Valencia. Exploring form and colour, the collection is reminiscent of a Spanish summer holiday (through a trendy print design eye!). And it all started with a little trip!

I've always been fascinated with buildings, but have struggled to translate the beauty I see around me onto paper and then something tangible. 

With these images I tried to capture the wonderful colour combinations I found in Valencia and the surrounding towns. You know I went straight for a phone case crop! Instinct, eh?

These designs became small runs of lino prints on A5 Somerset Satin paper, a method that brings its own texture and quirky composition with each press.



Bringing a Spanish summer holiday into your home! Shop the collection here.

Watch the collection develop on my Instagram stories here.

Thank you for reading about my process, I really hope you like them.