Sighh x The AB Method

We have teamed up with coaching queen Alice Benham to create The AB Method Collection – a beautifully functional planning range to help you do big things. Designed for business owners, entrepreneurs and freelancers alike, the range focuses on being intentional with your actions and time. What do you want your business to be? Why? What can you do to move it one step closer? 

Alice’s tried-and-tested planning method is brought to life on Sighh stationery, exquisitely structured to help you achieve your goals – whether they’re tiny or tremendous. Set out your yearly intentions, break them down into quarterly goals, and tackle them bit by bite-sized bit. With exercise sheets, coaching audios and an exclusive newsletter to keep you on track, The AB Method is your ticket to planning perfection.

We recommend sticking to one theme, in Mono or in Colour, as they look best matching! Buy as a full set or go for the individual planning products which fit you best!