A6 Pink & Red Checkered Desk Pad Desk pad sighh

A6 Pink & Red Checkered Note Pad


Not all ideas are winners. Wasps, for example – what is the bloody point? They’re just loser bees. But sometimes, you need to empty out all those bad ideas so you can find that one sparkly gem of inspiration. This desk pad is for all the thoughts, tasks, lists and song lyrics that are clogging up that beautiful brain of yours. Jot them down, cross them off, doodle as necessary – on a checkerboard of pink and red goodness that fits perfectly next to your laptop. 

With no lines, no checkboxes and no rules whatsoever, this beautifully bright desk pad gives you oodles of space to get creative. Whether it’s scribbled down notes, a spontaneous haiku or the doodles that keep you entertained on Zoom calls, this pad is the perfect place to play. Plus, it looks SUPER PRETTY on your desk. 

This desk pad is part of our Play collection – a celebration of colour, shape and playfulness, blended with our self-lovey vibe and endlessly practical designs to create products you just want to surround yourself with. From dreamy desk pads to keyrings, prints, stickers and washi tape, the Play range is an absolute PLETHORA of loveliness. 


  • A blank space to get creative 
  • 80 pages 
  • Grey-board backed
  • 100gsm premium cream paper stock
  • A6

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