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Cherish Who You Are A4 Print


It’s way too easy to be hard on yourself. What were you thinking when you got this haircut? And, while you’re at it, why did you drop that jar of olives in the supermarket six months ago? But I want you to ignore those voices for a second and listen – because you are an extraordinary human bean. FAN-BLOODY-TASTIC. And this print is here to remind you of that – every single day. So give yourself some food, water and a sprinkling of sunlight, you lovely little plant. It’s time to cherish who you are. 

Finished with beautifully bright flowers, you can place this print wherever you need a little dose of inspiration. Stick above your desk with some colourful washi tape, or hang in a frame as part of a gorgeous gallery wall. 

This print is part of our Play collection – a celebration of colour, shape and playfulness, blended with our self-lovey vibe and endlessly practical designs to create products you just want to surround yourself with. From dreamy desk pads to keyrings, prints, stickers and washi tape, the Play range is an absolute PLETHORA of loveliness. 


  • Inspiration wherever you need it most
  • Oodles of cool colour
  • Robust, board-backed packaging
  • A4

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