Orange Scallop Washi Tape 15mm Washi Tape sighh

Orange Scallop Washi Tape 15mm


Just about the coolest washi tape you’ll ever see – finished in a glorious bright orange With a unique and DELICIOUSLY scalloped shape, this super-cute washi is perfect for decorating your notebook, scrapbook, computer, desk, mirrors, gift wrapping – basically, anything you can think of. 

Straight lines? NEVER HEARD OF ‘EM. Use to stick up motivational quotes, to-do lists and planner sheets to keep you inspired at your desk, or adorn your journal pages with gorgeous hits of scalloped colour. Shopping for a crafty friend? These wonderful wheels of tape also make adorable little gifts! 

This washi tape is part of our Play collection – a celebration of colour, shape and playfulness, blended with our self-lovey vibe and endlessly practical designs to create products you just want to surround yourself with. From dreamy desk pads to keyrings, prints, stickers and washi tape, the Play range is an absolute PLETHORA of loveliness. 


  • A gorgeously scalloped shape
  • 10m length
  • 15mm width 
  • Use on paper, card, glass, walls, and more!

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