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Pink You’ve Bloomin Got This Sticker


You’re something special, you know that? Just look how far you’ve come! And in those heels! You’re basically superwoman – but with way nicer clothes. You can do absolutely anything. The meetings. The deadlines. That really hard sudoku. Whatever life hurls at you, YOU HAVE BLOOMIN GOT THIS. And this sticker is here to remind you of that – in a pretty pink hue that’ll look great on just about anything. 

Made from high-quality vinyl for long-lasting glam, this fabulous flower sticker is perfect for phone cases, laptops, notebooks, flasks – anywhere you’d like a dose of positive vibes. Mix and match your favourites, scatter them over your best stuff, and bask in the glow of stickery goodness.  

This sticker is part of our Play collection – a celebration of colour, shape and playfulness, blended with our self-lovey vibe and endlessly practical designs to create products you just want to surround yourself with. From dreamy desk pads to keyrings, prints, stickers and washi tape, the Play range is an absolute PLETHORA of loveliness. 


  • Premium vinyl sticker
  • Easy to peel off
  • Weatherproof 
  • Can be used on phone cases, laptops, notebooks, flasks, and much more!

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