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Priority: Me A4 Gold Foil Print

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Everyone has their own version of self-care. Maybe yours is watching true-crime shows with a pint of Ben & Jerries, or reading a book under approximately fifteen blankets. Maybe it’s spending all afternoon crafting the perfect bechémel sauce, and then eating it straight from the pan. Whatever your style, this print is here to remind you to carve out some long, wonderful hours for yourself. Slippers: on. Bath: bubbly. Priority: ME.

Adorned with gorgeous gold-foil lettering, you can place this inspirational print anywhere you’d like a little extra brightness. Stick up with some colourful washi tape, or hang in a frame as part of an ultra-chic gallery wall. DREAMY. 

This print is part of our Sighh x TIGC range. After working together on some GIFs for Instagram, Sighh and The Insecure Girls' Club have teamed up once again to create a gorgeous collection of stationery and lifestyle pieces, thoughtfully designed to add a little spring to your step and a 'you got this' to your everyday. We’re so proud of the collection, and we hope you love it as much as we do.


  • A4 print
  • Gold, shiny goodness
  • Board-backed packaging for a damage-free delivery

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